Having initially honed her skills as a talented songwriter, the Copenhagen-based artist SHOKO knew deep down that her destiny was to take center stage. Embracing her calling with unwavering determination, she unleashed her creative prowess, diligently crafting her own captivating songs and choreographing awe-inspiring performances. Teaming up with a stellar ensemble of dancers, she has graced the stages of live television, halftime shows, Radio Days, SpotFestival, AarhusPride, HUNsolo, the illustrious SMUKFEST, and recently joined as support act for the danish rap artist Tessa on the TESSA TOUR '23. 

A firm believer in female empowerment, SHOKO's musical tapestry weaves powerful narratives that speak to the strength and resilience of the individual, that portrays the honest and raw emotions of a human. Blending elements of hip/hop, pop, r&b, and soul-stirring vocals, wrapped in a modern y2k sound, her tracks are infectious anthems and irresistible dancefloor fillers, far removed from mere pity parties, that truly brings back a sound that nowadays is rare.   

"I strive for authenticity," proclaims SHOKO, her voice brimming with conviction. "Through my music, I aim to create a space where listeners can listen to my music, and feel that they can truly be themselves. I want to infuse them with positivity, encouraging them to embrace their worth, emotions, and radiate confidence. Regardless of who they are, I want them to realize that they are just as extraordinary as anyone else, transcending the curated façade of social media. Like my mother, I stay true to myself, and that's the essence of my songs—the driving force behind my creative vision.".

"The sun don't care about who it blinds, so why should I?" - SHOKO